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Embroidery Tips for Beginners

Difficult and challenging – these are the common words you often heard from novice embroiders. However, as they go along with the exact process and step of embroidery, their perception changes. Most of them find the stitching process easier and faster. If you don’t know how to embroider, you are on the right spot. Instead of worrying on what to do, simply take the following tips as your guide.


Do’s When Embroidering

When embroidering, you have to follow its different tips and procedures. To give your some clues, here they are:

· Make sure that you avoid mistakes. You can do this through developing and practicing some simple work habits. Whether you are using your hands or machines, you have to know what you are doing.

· If you are using a machine, place the hoop into the machine. You have to run your fingers over the hooped fabric surface. This simple step prevents unwanted fabric and additional fabric under the embroidery hoop.

· Use “Trial or Trace” function on your embroidery machine. This can help in viewing where the design will stitch. In case you are using a design rotation, consider the design without threading the needle. You also need to watch the motion of the hoop. Through this, the design is rotated in the right direction.

· Always change the needle before beginning the outline. This can help in achieving a sharper layout. On napped or structured fabrics, don’t forget to apply water-soluble or clear stabilizer on the surface for spotless embroidery result.

These steps are essential in making the best and clean embroidery projects. However, there are still various tips you need to know. As an embroiderer, you have to expand your knowledge to get the best artwork.

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