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A Beginners Guide to Creating Professional Embroidery

Embroidery may look intricate but is simply many stitches arranged in a way to create a picture. Contrary to popular belief you do not need a history of embroidery experience to create stunning embroidery. Anyone one of any skill level from advance to novice can enjoy creating beautiful embroidery simply and easily. With the Brother PE700II you can create incredible embroidery, and embellish everything from shirts to blankets at the touch of a button.

Is it true that I can create incredible embroidery, even if I don't know anything about embroidery?
Absolutely, one of the biggest misconceptions is that embroidery is that it is too difficult. The Brother PE-700II Embroidery Machine is extremely user friendly and allows anyone of any skill level to create beautiful works of art. Only a few simple steps are needed to make a design. First pick the design you want to sew, put the design where you want it to go (It will be centered automatically for you), then bring the embroidery foot in the low position, and press the large green start button.

Your machine will create a professional and crisp embroidery design, without any additional work from you. Your machine will create a professional and crisp embroidery design, without any additional work from you. The machine even contains a built-in scissors so you do not have to cut the thread. Extensive knowledge is not needed to create incredible designs, just a few simple steps.

The machine sounds simple to use, but what if I forget how do something?

Simple things such as loading the bobbin, winding a bobbin, or threading the machine, are all including on the machine's onscreen instructions. The machine will lead you step by step on how perform a variety of tasks, so forgetting how to do something is not longer a reason to panic or worry.

This machine sounds incredibly user friendly but how big is the embroidery field?
The Brother PE-700II has a large 5" x 7" embroidery field, allowing you the ability to embroider many designs found on the market today with ease. With this embroidery machine you have the ability to embroider a large variety of designs from large to small on a enormous selection of mediums like jacket-backs, pillows, blankets, towels and more.

How many embroidery designs are built-in?

There are 136 Built-In Embroidery Designs built into the machine. Each design is truly beautiful and can help embellish you shirts, sheets, blankets and more! Brother also has optional embroidery cards you can purchase that will expand your embroidery design collection with professionally digitized designs.

Wow, 136 plus it is expandable via embroidery cards! What if I want more designs or a specific design?
This is one of the coolest and best features of the Brother PE-700II; the machine actually has a USB port built-in so you can transfer designs from your computer to your machine with ease. There is no software installation required, just plug and transfer! You can get a digitized design from the Internet or a CD and transfer them with ease.

The Brother PE-700II gives any user from beginner to expert the ability to create a true embroidery masterpiece easily and simply. The Brother PE-700II is a truly incredibly machine and hopefully with this article has helped you understand that no matter what you skill level the Brother PE-700II is the perfect machine for you.

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